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Classes will hope to resume from 2 December at Waterlooville Community Centre and 8th December at Emsworth Community Centre. 

Due to current Government Guidelines, places will be limited.  Please book now to reserve your place.  You will need to complete a health screen prior to confirmation of your place.  

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Hi Alison -  The following benefits come to mind:  - Pilates exercises can be combined to provide a full body work-out.  - Exercises can also be selected to target specific areas if there is weakness, stiffness or injury. - Pilates helps to maintain core strength, flexibility and balance - particularly useful as the aging process starts to have an impact.  - Pilates helps to develop these elements because there is always the option of choosing more challenging levels of a movement.  The above depend on having a well-trained and thoughtful teacher/instructor!!   We are fortunate to have one (JG)


Alison Thompson

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